Tuesday, March 1, 2011

If GOD wants you to do anything, He will create a path for you....

Namaste to All !!!

I am about to share a story with you all, but before telling you this story I want to say one thing - it is my belief/faith, it is not necessarily same for you. It is an experience which has added something to my life, I am sharing this with a hope that it might add something to your life also.............so, here we go.....
After this experience I strongly believe in one thing 'if GOD wants you to do anything, He will create a path for you'.
Few months back I was not knowing that there is a girl named Rinku who lives in Patiala, Punjab, India has some heart problem. One day I received one call on my phone saying that he is Rinku's father & explaining about her disease & asking for help as he is not capable enough to get his daughter operated due to lack of money.
I was wondering that I don't have any connections/friends in Patiala, from where he has got my number & how come he knows that I can help him, then I came to know later that someone has given my number to him after reading my blog in regards for helping one infant boy who was also suffering from heart disease. I was amazed on this fact & a smile came to my face thinking that if God wants you to be a part of anything He will create a path & the path was created for me by that one call which I received from Rinku's father.........
I gave it a thought about how to go about it, how to help Rinku as she needed the surgery quickly due to her health deterioration. I had a word with Rinku concerning her health & also about her life-style or what she normally does, just to have a better idea to put the things in words so that I can get hold of any NGO or someone who helps less capable people with money or any other kind of help which would effect Rinku in return in a positive way. While one our conversations, I asked her how does she feels about her life,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the reply to this question shake me completely, I was just numb for few seconds thinking what to reply back to her. She said to me, "I don't want to live as I know I am in a very bad state of health & it gives me & my family a pain which is unbearable for me. I am praying for my death as I can't take it any more". I was completely taken away by this reply, it was said in such a flat tone that I felt I have to do something for this girl & if God has given me this opportunity then He will give me the solution also to this problem of hers.
I started writing to people & to different NGO's for help & one fine day, I received a call from one Gentleman named Mr. Kakkar who wanted to help this girl. He read somewhere about Rinku's problem & said our NGO will bear all the expenses of her treatment.
It just happened.................now, she is absolutely fine living a normal life & I am really happy to be able to help her. I am grateful to all the people & to Mr. kakkar especially who has given life back to Rinku.
I want to say only one thing if you have faith then things will happen on there own..........also, God will create a path to reach where ever He wants you to reach. I was used as an instrument in Rinku's life & I am so very Grateful for this & also feel Blessed that I am the lucky one, very few get this opportunity.
Please don't think I am writing this for telling you what I have done..............I am sharing the experience of being grateful & blessed. May God bless you all!!!!!!!!!!!

With all my prayers

Anil Gwadi

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