Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Dream - to improve the living conditions of Juledi

Hi !!!
Juledi is a small village of approx. 410 people in the foothills of Himalaya, on kandi Road, 30 km from Rishikesh, Uttrakhand, India.
The village is left undeveloped due to difficult geographical conditions.
There are many villages like this in India who are facing the similar difficult conditions in there day to day life.
The basic problem which Juledi is facing is ‘lack of water ’. There is no water in the village even for the daily needs.
People fetch water from 1.5 km from the village on steep height. The problem of water is not new to this village – it exists from last hundreds of years here – but no measures have been taken to solve this problem.

The village is on the top of the mountain so the ground water is not there as rain water doesn’t stops there and it makes the life difficult.
There are lot many things which can be done to make things little easy for the villagers but no one over there is so educated to make this happen.
I think you can well imagine LIFE WITHOUT WATER - IS NOTHING.

Children carry water on their heads & walk with it as soon as they become 6-7yrs old. Old people even at the age of 70 – 80 yrs carry water on their heads.  
In general the population comprises of small kids & old people. Teenagers leave the place for jobs/earning their livings. People have started migrating to cities to avoid the difficult conditions in Juledi. There is no awareness/education for healthy/hygienic living. Girls leave their studies after a while. Teen girls are normally get involved in the household work & made to leave education. Even for boys, there is no means of good education.
To reach the village, you have to walk for few 15 - 20 minute as there is no road to commute. There is no medical facility in the village, people have to come to Rishikesh for their treatment.
Many problems will get solved by having water in the village.
If you feel the same for this village as I do, kindly come forward & help these people to make their lives little easier.

Even a small contribution/guidance to help them will mean a lot.
Thank you for your time & patience in reading this.

Anil Gwadi