Friday, August 27, 2010

Vineet is a special child and needs special care

There is a very poor family in village Juledi which consists of Grandmother, Father, mother & four children. Both parents are daily wages worker who depend on work in village. If there is no work then there is no earning. Earlier father of this family was working in Ludhiana, but due to a mishap in the family, he had to leave everything and come back to his village to support his family.
They had twins, one of them died after few days and everyone was sad. The one who survived is on the second number and his name is Vineet.Vineet is physically and mentally disabled. He is physically weak because one of his legs is slightly bigger than the other. He is 40% mentally retarded, though he does all his work on his own, but he is weak in his studies and understands things slowly. He recalls slowly, thinks slowly and he is different from normal child. The parents are not educated or aware that he needs special attention/care as Vineet is special child. They look down upon him and instruct him to do all the household work, but his siblings enjoy playing / their childhood at that time. Although he is going to Hindi medium school, but it is not for special children, so teachers don’t pay that much of attention as required. We can’t deny the fact that his parents don’t have so much money to send him to the special school other than awareness.
Vineet is a special child and needs special care physically, mentally and emotionally. He can do things in better way if he has that support or confidence who tells him that he is not less than anyone else, he is the best.
His condition is more deteriorated as his parents don’t have enough means where they can treat him in a special manner and this creates all problems for that child. He has lost his confidence as everyone at the village makes fun of him, even children don’t play with him or interact with him.
He makes you feel that he also has the right to live equally like normal child so what if he is weak – give him little support, that love that he can stand up with confidence and can face the life with a smile and courage.
I have met this child personally and can tell very clearly that he needs that confidence and support to make his life live. If you have any guidance /help /support to give to this child pls. come forward and make this child smile.
Any kind of help is welcomed with respect and pleasure.
Thank you for your precious time. May be you are the one who can change the life of this child, so I request you all to come forward and help him.


Himanshu said...

Dear Anil, while you have indulge yourself into noble causes like these, you are setting an example for people like me too. By the way, do you remember we donated blood to the kid (from your village...some Bhartiji) suffering from hole in the heart at AIIMS.
Take Care,

Anil Gwadi said...

Dear Himanshu,

Yes! of course I remember you very well. That was a nice experience with you guys. Thank you for your words. As we all know we all are just like an instrument.
Thank you. All the best!!!

Anil Gwadi